Floor system from rubber

Rubber flooring is used to cover floor tiles in the interior, e.g. in sports halls, gymnasiums, winter stadiums, exhibition areas, business and warehouse areas, production halls, TV and film studios, multipurpose spaces, etc. It is suitable for floors with higher loads and with the possibility of using low-lift trucks. The flooring under the flooring must be flat and dry. Rubber flooring UNIVERZAL has a profiled drain, the front side has a soft anti-slip tread, the bottom is smooth. The floor is 500x500mm tiles, 10mm thick, it is heavy enough (one tile weighs approx. 3.7kg) so it is laid freely, without gluing, folding profiled drawings into itself, allowing for quick assembly of any amount of rubber flooring into one unit. A separate surface finish element is the molded rubber edges of the flooring. The start edges are made of an identical rubber compound as the rubber flooring itself. They allow the floor to be created in any shape and a barrier-free ramp on the floor, preventing the floor from falling to the edge of the floor. The method of laying the UNIVERZAL rubber floor and its starting edges:

When installing the floorboard with the leading edges, it is necessary to realize what the area is dimensioned as well as the shape will be laid out, accordingly the quantity and the type of the starting edges will be determined accordingly.

In total, we produce 6 types of starting edges (I. to VI.), 2 species are lateral leading edges (V. and VI.) And 4 types are corner (I. to IV.).

Dimensions of starting edges:

I.-II            575×75 mm 0,5 kg/pc

III.-IV.      575×105 mm 0,7 kg/pc

V.               500×75 mm 0,4kg/pc

VI.              500×105 mm 0,6kg/pc