We use 85% injection molding machines manufactured by DESMA, REP and DIEFFENBACHER to produce our products. The remaining part consists of transfer machines ZDA Partizánske, CBJ Rakovník. In our factory we have the following machines:

Vendor Type Closing pressure Max. dimensions
REP Injection presses 110 ton 400×335
REP Injection presses 400 ton 800×630
DESMA Injection presses 450 ton 670×780
DIEFFENBACHER Injection presses 250 ton 630×500
ZDA Partizánske Transfers presses 300 ton 800×800
ZDA Partizánske Transfers presses 100 ton 400×400
CBJ Rakovník Transfers presses 400 ton 1500×1000
Vlašim Transfers presses 70t 400×400